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eDynamic Learning publishes online, elective courses that provide an exciting and academically meaningful online student learning experience. Our expert team of curriculum writers and instructional designers work with your school to provide a low cost curriculum solution.

All our courses include next generation instructional design, professional audio narrations and engaging interactive activities. Schools across the country have discovered how eDynamic Learning can successfully address the educational needs of today’s diverse and growing online student population.

Course Features:

Personal Curriculum Narratives: Online course content does not have to read like a dry textbook. Our curriculum writers focus on keeping the student interested in the subject matter.

Contemporary Graphics: Next generation graphics and thought-provoking instructional design that is expected by today's online student.

Captivating Course Lab Activities: Insightful videos and interactive online activities reinforce key course concepts.

Effective Animations: Animated Flash unit summaries, learning objectives and reflection points (with professional voice narrations) add to the media-rich learning experience.

eDynamic Podcasts: Each course contains professional audio narration of all unit content. This feature addresses the student’s auditory needs, allowing them to either listen to the entire course, or download it using their choice of music player.

iTunes Audio Integration: All professional curriculum audio narration can be imported into a student's iTunes audio library.

Balanced Reading Level: A reading level that is both balanced and interesting for high schools students. To help students identify main ideas, key words and concepts are in bold.

Review Games: Entertaining and informative review games help prepare students for course assessments.

Meaningful Assessments: Our coursework promotes knowledge-building and critical thinking skills. Students are asked to review and apply key course concepts to various situations and personal experiences.

Reflective Discussion Assignments: High-interest discussion questions encourage students to share learning experiences with each other.

Extensive Teacher's Guide: A detailed teacher’s guide is provided with each course to help the instructor navigate the curriculum and assess student work.

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