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Eco-Earth Enrichment's The S.H.A.R.E ProgramĀ©:

S. Science - Students learn the importance of self-discovery with health and environmental literacy concepts. New Generation Science Standards and Core standards of anatomy and physiology are compared and correlated with the earth's systems. (Respiratory, Circulatory, Digestive, and Water systems are included)

H. Health - Students learn how their health is directly related with the color spectrum and through the planet's resources. When choosing to drink clean water and consuming the local fruits/veggies, students learn how all will benefit. Students learn Core Standards in health as well as the latest scientific discoveries in nutrition. The importance of reading the Nutrition Facts Label and how to create a healthy meal plan are included.

A. Activities/Exercise - Students learn the importance of exercise and how to create/keep a healthy spine through interactive stretching and video. "Speaking Out" and ways to communicate feelings are addressed and implemented. Educational games, interactive poems, worksheets, audio-visualizations and test assessments are included in all lessons.

R. Respect - Students learn to love and respect themselves as well as their anatomical and emotional relationship to the earth through fun interactive/educational games, charts and activities. Students learn about their genetics and how fun it is to be a unique individual within an irreplaceable planet.

E. Environment - Students learn environmental concepts/literacy, how the earth provides us with life sustaining resources and ways to care for the planet. Recycling, water wise and conservation concepts are included.

Teacher/Parent guide and integrative activities are included in each lesson.

Eco-Earth Enrichment's The S.H.A.R.E. Program (copyright) also includes educational based structures through Kagan's Cooperative Learning for teacher/classroom engagement. (Kagan, The Structures)

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