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Learning Bridges, an Arizona corporation since 1998, has been engaged in research, development, and validation of solutions to improve academic achievement as measured by state and district tests. Beginning with the research and development of the Aligned Instructional Database, which underpinned the development of a suite of online products and services, Learning Bridges has developed solutions, including its powerful online professional development that is proven to significantly increase student outcomes in language arts and mathematics in the K - 12 arena. Validation of the research based solutions involved a seven year quasi-experimental study conducted by McREL (Mid-continent Research in Education and Learning), which concluded that the Learning Bridges System significantly impacts academic achievement - the highest impact in the industry (McREL, 2008, 2009).

Professional Development Research Learning Bridges professional development is PROVEN to significantly increase student achievement 13 – 21 percentile points on state tests (McREL, 2009) in both ELA and Math K - 12. Gains in achievement hold for students from diverse cultures, students living in poverty, and English language learners.

Teacher Comments "My students out scored all the other third grade classes at my school in vocabulary and the use of context clues."

~ Teacher, Charlotte-Mecklenburg, NC

"The professional conversations are priceless, especially when you are in the middle of a shift in instructional practices and theories." ~ Teacher, Roseville, NC

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