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Sophia offers over 500 sequenced concepts, called Sophia Pathways, in Math, English, and Science. Each Pathway features formative assessments at the concept level, allowing teachers to gauge each student's understanding of a concept before advancing to the next concept.

Each Sophia Pathway features the unique Many Ways to Learn model which provides students with three to five different ways to learn each concept, each using a different teaching style, explanation and/or context.


Combining the latest social learning technology with a passion for improving student outcomes, Sophia offers free college readiness resources, free teaching resources, and professional development tools for teachers.

With thousands of tutorials, free ACT test prep, refresher courses, we offer students economical, self-paced ways to get to and through college.

Our Flipped Classroom Certification Program and a full suite of innovative professional development tools allow teachers to easily integrate the latest technology and techniques into the classroom.

For Students

College Readiness:Choose from thousands of free video tutorials that feature different teachers using a mixture of video, text, audio, and slideshows to teach bite-sized concepts.

Free ACT Test Prep:Test confidently with our tutorials that feature confidence-boosting tips, strategies and practice tests to help you prepare for the ACTs.

College Success Skills: Get ready the many challenges of college with insightful videos about how to set goals, manage time, stay motivating and understand the financial costs of college.

For Teachers

Online Groups: Access lessons and interact directly with students, create quizzes and use analytics to chart progress and gain valuable insight into how your students learn.

Certification: Transform your classroom with the latest technology using our FREE Flipped Classroom Certification, iPadĀ® Prepared Certification, and more in Sophia's free professional development series.

Support: Get inspired and discover ways to energize your teaching, reach more students and boost career growth with our professional development webinars and teaching-focused blog.

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